IC Final Test

IC Final Test


Brand / Model / Name

Chroma 3650
SOC Test System

Chroma 3360
VLSI Test System

Chroma 3160
(Fingerprint) Quad Site Final Test Handler

Core Test Services

Testar provides Semiconductor Testing Service in Wafer Probing and Final Testing.

Our testing service covers a wide range of applications, such as logic devices, MCU, Interface controller IC, sensor controller, A/D and D/A converter,... etc. Which are mainly used in consumer electronics and communication devices.

Testar is capable to handle 5, 6, 8 and 12" wafers with inkless or off-line ink process inside our class-1K environment. Our Final Testing Service performs electrical testing as well as customized test items, program and parameters. The pick-and-place handler could cover diversified package type of devices.

Testar Semiconductor Tesing also provides below Engineering services to make your device fast "Time to Market".

  • Test program development 
  • Test program conversion 
  • Test Time reduction 
  • DFT consultant 
  • Multi-Site Testing development 

Chroma 3650
SoC Test System

  • 50 / 100 MHz clock rate;
  • 100 / 200 Mbps (MUX) data rate
  • Up to 640 digital I/O pins (testhead 2)
  • 32 MW vector memory
  • 32 MW pattern instruction memory
  • Per-pin timing / PPMU / frequency measurement
  • Scan features to 2G depth per scan chain
  • ALPG option for memory test
  • Up to 40 high-voltage pins
  • Up to 8-32 16-bit ADDA channels option
  • 32 high-performance DPS channels
  • Edge placement accuracy ±300ps
  • 32-CH HDADDA mixed-signal option
  • 8-CH AWG and digitizer ASO mixed-signal audio band test option
  • 40A pulse at 60V for MPVI analog option
  • 32-CH / board for VI45 analog option
  • 8-CH / board for PVI100 analog option
  • MRX option for 3rd party PXI instruments
  • Microsoft Windows® 7 / Windows® 10
  • C++ and GUI programming interface
  • CRISP, full suite of intuitive software tools
  • Test program and pattern converters for other platforms
  • Accept DIB and probe card of other testers directly
  • Support STDF data output
  • Air-cooled, small footprint tester-in-a-test-head design

Chroma 3360
VLSI Test System

  • 50 MHz Test Rate(100Mhz HSCLK)
  • 608 I/O channels
  • 8~16 M Pattern Memory
  • Flexible Configuration (Interchangeable I/O, UVI, ADDA and LCD)
  • Parallel Testing for 32 devices
  • Real Parallel Trim/Match function
  • Accepts SC312, TS670 probe card
  • Test program/pattern converter (V7, TRI6020, V50, SC312, J750, ITS9K, TS670, ND1)
  • Analog PE card option (16 bit~24bit)
  • SCAN test option (512M)
  • ALPG test option for Memory
  • STDF tools support
  • User friendly Windows XP environment
  • CRAFT C/C++ programming language
  • Real time pattern editor with fail pin/fail address display
  • Versatile test analysis tools: Shmoo plot, Waveform display, Wafer Map, Pin Margin, Scope tool,Histogram tool and etc.

Chroma 3160
(Fingerprint) Quad Site Final Test Handler

  • Flexible DUT Configuration
  • Adjustable P&P Interval
  • Air damper buffer to reduce contact force impact
  • Intelligent socket IC leftover check
  • Auto Contact Force Learning
  • Color Tray Mode availability
  • Yield Monitor (per contact dead)
  • Yield Control (average yield rate of socket)
  • Compatible change kits with NS-5000 / 6000 / 6040
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